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The Value of Dentistry In South Surrey

The Value of Dentistry In South Surrey

Dr. Michael Layton
September 1, 2014

Ever wonder why going to the dentist seems like you’re emptying your pockets? Is this the common thought that comes to your mind when someone mentions ‘the dentist’? The average person might not understand how the benefits outweigh the costs associated with dental procedures. The complex materials and equipment used in providing optimal care can be costly - and you deserve to know what goes into determining those costs.

This post will de-mystify the costs of dental treatments and show you the value of dentistry.

The Costs of Dental Treatments In South Surrey

Firstly, the cost of a crown can be in excess of a thousand dollars. This depends on the materials used and how complex the case is. On the other hand, fillings and short term ‘fix’ procedures can range anywhere from a couple to several hundred dollars. These short term fix solutions are usually not the best choice in treatment. However, because they are inexpensive in comparison to a long term fix most people choose to proceed with them.

How An Insurance Company Determines What You’ll Pay

Have you ever declined treatment at a South Surrey dental office because your insurance company won’t cover what you had anticipated? Most insurance companies design their policies around their own ‘fee guides’. Here’s what this means: They choose to cover what they think is necessary and needed. They don’t take into consideration what the ‘ideal’ treatment is for the patient. Without a doubt, most (not all) insurance companies will choose to pay the lower cost treatment. Is that fair? No, absolutely not.

These plans are designed to HELP with dental bills instead of completely covering the cost of the treatment that has been proposed.  For example: If you’re presented with a treatment plan costing $3000 you'd assume your insurance company is going to pay 50% of this treatment, as stated on your benefits card. This is incorrect. They’ll cover 50% of their ‘suggested’ eligible fee guide. This may also mean that they’re only going to cover 50% of the cheaper material, using metal instead of porcelain for that crown that you need to get done.

Now you may ask “Well why can’t I just get a metal crown?” The answer is: You can! But, do you really want a metal crown for your front tooth? Would you feel comfortable to walk around with a silver tooth, visible to every passer-by? Additionally, this creates a discrepancy in payments from the insurance company. It also creates a misconception between what is ‘covered’ and what is actually paid out by the insurance carrier. Most plan subscribers are not well informed of what they are paying for or do not simply understand the contracts presented to them by insurance companies.

Why Are Some Dental Procedures More Expensive Than Others?

As a dental professional we get asked many times why certain procedures are significantly more expensive. The answer is: Because they are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Remember that you’re paying for

  • the longevity of the treatment,
  • the durability of the treatment,
  • the materials and
  • the skills and training of the dental professional that are applied to execute ideal care.

It's not always easily affordable for everyone. That is why many offices (including our South Surrey Dental Office) offer a variety of options to help make financial arrangements more comfortable for the patients. Contact us - we would love to be a part of your dental health journey!

About The Author:

Maryam Khan, Dental Hygienist at South Surrey dental officeMaryam Khan is a Certified Dental Assistant at Peace Arch Dental Centre, a South Surrey and White Rock dental office.

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