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Care for you.

Bring your smile to life. For health. For beauty. For you.

Quality-defined care.

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Put your best smile forward

When you come to Peace Arch Dental, the experience is solely about you. Not the guest before you. Not the guest after you. You.
It’s a singular focus on your oral health and the vision you have for your smile, paired with our ever-growing expertise and uncompromising commitment to transforming that vision into your reality.

What you can expect

One Day, Multiple Treatments
Digital Dental Technology
Sleep Dentistry Sedation Options
High Quality Necessities & Amenities
Your smile protected.

Preventive Dentistry

The best treatments are the ones you can avoid, and with preventive dentistry you’re taking steps to secure not just your oral health, but your overall health.

Our approach takes you beyond cleaning, x-rays, and fluoride - it puts the power of better oral hygiene in your hands. Whether it’s the right knowledge - like what to eat and how to clean - or the right tools - like a mouthguard or water flosser - it’s goodbye guesswork and hello to everything that’ll let you enjoy a strong, healthy smile for years to come.

Your smile, period.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You know the feeling - you put on an outfit, check yourself out in the mirror, and it just works. You can’t help but admire yourself.

That’s the feeling we aim for with cosmetic dentistry at Peace Arch Dental. A smile so good you’ll be taken aback every time you see it. A smile that wins compliments wherever you go. A smile that’s perfectly, uniquely you.

Your smile aligned.


Straight teeth give you a great looking smile. But they also give you so much more, unlocking your confidence and letting you share the sparkle and unmistakable character of your smile with the world.

And those hard-to-reach areas and fussy flossing frustrations? Gone. That’s orthodontics - not just braces or clear aligners, but a better, healthier smile in every way.

Your smile set free.

Dental Implants

An incomplete smile means an incomplete life. Speaking and laughing become exercises in caution, your favourite foods are a fleeting memory, and daily oral care feels like a full time job.

With dental implants, you’re not just getting a ceramic or metal tooth - you’re getting the freedom that comes with a whole, complete smile. Choose anything on the menu. Speak more naturally again. And get ready for a life that’s free from the hassles of dentures and missing teeth.

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