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Innovations serving your smile.

Digitally Assisted

We put digital dentistry to work in your treatments.

Upgrades Driven By You

Every tool we select is guided by a focus on improving your experience. 

Striving for next-generation care.

You might never notice it, but the right dental technologies transform the experience of visiting the dentist. Procedures that used to take weeks are completed in a day. Things that made you feel anxious became stress-free.
At Peace Arch Dental, each new addition to our suite of tools is made with your experience in mind. We listen to your feedback, explore what the industry has to offer, then invest in technologies and equipment that can help to improve your care.

The future is more comfortable.

Messy impression molds? Gone. Finicky x-ray film and waiting for x-ray development? Naught but a memory. Our tools are chosen not only because they work well, but because they keep your comfort in mind, too.

The future is more effective

Any time you have high quality information - and lots of it - you’ll be in a better position to make smart decisions and create effective plans. So, when the tremendous accuracy of these machines is paired with our expertise, it supports better results for your treatment.

The future is safer.

Our technologies are designed to improve treatment safety. They help us reduce radiation and hygiene risks during scans, and they assist us with planning less invasive treatments which lower your risk of complications or infections.
Conscious Sedation

Sleep Dentistry

Conscious sedation helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and increase comfort during long procedures.

It's known for being effective at helping people overcome dental-phobia and making longer procedures feel like they're over in a fraction of the time.

Feel the difference for yourself.

Sourced from dental manufacturers like Dentsply Sirona, our equipment aims to bring improved comfort and capabilities directly to your smile. Talk to us today and discover what it can do for you! 
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CEREC Primescan

Impressions without the molds.

The days of goopy, gooey impression molds are over. CEREC Primescan is all-digital, transforming the way we examine your teeth while removing a part of treatment that patients sometimes dread.
Processing over 1 million 3D points each second, this intraoral scanning technology creates precise digital models of the mouth. And not only that - since it’s entirely digital, it means you get those results faster in the form of conveniences like one-day crowns.
No Radiation
Instant Results
Superior Cleanliness
Faster Treatment


See everything.

When we can see a complete picture of your mouth, jaws, and head, finding the best way to care for your smile becomes easy. Axeos brings three dimensional x-rays to your treatments, letting us plan every step with enhanced visibility.
This 3D digital cone beam scanner is just one example of our investment in high quality care, because - when it comes to your smile - we won’t settle for anything less than your expectations.
Low Radiation
Precise Surgery Planning
Fast Results
Convenient Use

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