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The New Peace Arch Dental Centre Office in White Rock

The New Peace Arch Dental Centre Office in White Rock

Dr. Michael Layton
February 24, 2015

Last Fall, we moved into our new location in White Rock (/South Surrey). While it’s not far from where we once were, the office space was excellent.

For too long, a visit with the dentist was considered a chore. Children were terrified of this person with a mask operating on their teeth. From waiting in a room straight through until the exit, it was not the most fun time for any child in their younger years.

But things are changing - and at Peace Arch Dental, we’re actively revolutionizing the way dental practices look and feel. Case in point - our new office. When you come in, you’ll know that the whole dental experience is extremely important to us - just by looking around and being in our office. We want every patient to feel like going to the dentist is easy and relaxing - and our new office has a bunch of different amenities to make that happen.

Believe me when I say that we’re going to pamper you well when you come to our new dental office for anything from a regular check-up to an extensive procedure.

So let’s take you through a short tour of our new office in White Rock!

Walking In

Who doesn’t love a warm smile? Come into our office and you’ll receive a friendly smile and greeting. Alright - that’s no different from before! But at least you’ll know that even with a new office setup, your dental experience will always start with hearing from our friendly staff.

At the front counter, you’ll find some freshmints that you are free to take - perhaps a nice refreshment for when you’re about to leave.

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned (- And Back Massaged?)reclining dental massage chair at dental office in white rock

Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaned or having dental implants put in, it’ll be done at the fancy new, reclining leather chairs you see below. Now, these aren’t any ordinary leather chairs - they have one pretty incredible feature: They lightly massage your back! Yes, the reclining chairs that you sit on while your dentist or dental hygienist is working on your teeth does double as a light massage chair.

But don’t worry, it’s faint enough that it won’t affect the performance of the work being done on your teeth! Your dental experience in South Surrey just got more comfortable.

Teeth Cleaning - In The Washroomdental refreshments at Peace Arch Dental in White Rock

So we’re all used to getting our teeth cleaned in the aforementioned reclining dental chairs. We’re also used to brushing our teeth and flossing in our washrooms at home. And now, you can brush your teeth and floss in our washroom! Granted, you probably won’t ever need to do that. Yet, if you use our washrooms, we hope you’ll be happy to see some complimentary toothbrushes and floss that you are more than free to take.

Private Room

If we have to meet in private to discuss something, we’ve got a cozy, unique private meeting room for that purpose. It’s in the general waiting area, away from where we conduct all cleanings and procedures.

Dr. QuickLook - Mouth ScannerDr. Quicklook Mouth Scanner dental office

We want you to be part of the experience! The use of miniature intraoral cameras and the velscope oral cancer lights are some of the many ways we use technology to show you what’s going on. And of course, all are viewable in the palm of your hand or on our flat screen TVs.

CEREC Machine - ‘Dental Crowns In A Day’CEREC crown milling machine

You may have read our earlier blog post on ‘Dental Crowns In A Day’ where we detail the process of getting your crowns and any laboratory work done in a single day. Well, new to the office is the CEREC machine that gets the job done - the one you see in the picture on the right. See the process how the crown is made in our CEREC Mill by viewing the video below.

White Rock’s Newest Dental Office Is Here

Our new dental office in White Rock has already attracted a large amount of new patients - and the feedback we get about the office is incredible. People enjoy the fact that we have so many of these different amenities in the office. The dental experience at too many dental clinics has become dull and uncomfortable for many. We’re trying to change that - and we think you’ll have a wonderful time at our office. From the moment you walk in to the final good-bye and thank you, our goal is to make sure that your teeth are healthy and that have an unbelievable experience.

So come on down to office #205 at 1538 Foster Street in White Rock and we’ll give you and your family the best dental experience possible. You deserve it.

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