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Dental Fear Conquered with Painless Dentistry

Dental Fear Conquered with Painless Dentistry

Dr. Michael Layton
January 15, 2014

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Painless Dentistry isn’t an impossible dream, in fact, Peace Arch Dental believes in practicing the most Painless Dentistry possible in order to make patients feel safe and comfortable.

According to the Huffington Post, there are a few common fears that people all over the planet feel when their next dental appointment is just around the corner.

Most dental offices do their best to muffle the sounds of their dental tools, but if by chance, you should hear the sound of a drill and you want to run the other way, you could be suffering from odontophobia, or dentophobia. If walking through the door of your dentist’s office makes you want to pass out from genuine fear, you need to contact your dentist and ask about Painless Dentistry.


These days when you sit in your dentists chair waiting for the doctor you can sit back and relax in front of a just for you television watching your favorite shows. You feel confident that your dental fear has subsided until your dentist walks in. Your heart starts to beat faster, especially when your dentist puts on the ominous looking green mask. Painless Dentistry can eliminate your fear of the dentist once and for all.

That bib that is placed on your chest during x-rays is terrifying to some who feel trapped and unable to move. Painless Dentistry allows you to relax and be at ease with all dentistry procedures including root canals, implants and other necessary dental treatments.

People who can get past the green mask may have other issues. Unfortunately, although equipment has certainly improved, it is still nearly impossible to make a silent dental tool.


The sound of the sharp tools that scrape away the stains, tartar and plaque on your teeth is minimal, but for some it sounds like a continuous echo from a deep cave, especially the cavity drill.

Most dentaphobes will either stick around or run the other way. “Fight or Flight Response,” happens when someone visits the dentist and truly believes he or she is fighting for his or her life or death.

Dentists will tell you that they have come across people who have not seen a dentist in a decade because of fear. After a decade, the problems become much worse only aggravating a real fear of the dentist.


These days it is possible to take care of dental issues no matter how severe. Painless Dentistry makes it easy to get your teeth and gums healthy again. Contact your dentist and ask about painless dentistry. You will be surprised at just how quickly you will be able to flash your beautiful smile without feeling self-conscious about your teeth.


Dr. Michael Layton PostsDr. Michael Layton (DDS) is a dentist based in the South Surrey/White Rock, B.C. area. He has been in the dental industry for the last decade and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Washington. He takes pride in providing positive and caring dental solutions for people of every walk of life. You can follow him on Google+.

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