How Much Do Braces Cost?

Misaligned teeth is the most common cause for needing orthodontic braces. The technical term malocclusion is classified as the difference between the maxilla (upper jaw) and the (mandible) lower jaw not aligning properly. A person with a correct bite has the points of the molars fitting the grooves of the opposite molars. The layman’s term […]

Why DIY Braces Are An Extremely Bad Idea

In the west, wearing braces is not considered cool, while in Asia, it’s the latest fashion trend. Status is very important in Asia and no more is this more evident than among the youth. Teenagers are purchasing faux braces for $100 from black market non-orthodontic professionals. These imitation dental braces are being funded by vanity-driven […]

The History Of Orthodontics and Braces

Modern day braces are now commonplace even though the earliest recordings date back to ancient Egypt. Many ancient cultures have embraced some method of teeth straightening. People throughout history have always desired straight teeth. Becoming educated about the history of orthodontic braces will give you a greater appreciation for your dental health. Orthodontic treatment was […]

Braces For Adults: Should You Consider Them?

Orthodontic braces are dental devices used to align and straighten teeth. Besides improving dental health, they help you attain a correct bite. Dental braces are used to correct malocclusions, overbites, underbites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth and other imperfections of the teeth and jaw. The main advantage of braces is correcting the aesthetic appearance […]