How Can One Have Solid Teeth In ONE Day?

Dr. Layton has had extensive training in the field of dental implants and dentofacial prosthetics. This enables him to provide the highest standard of ideal dentistry available, including solid teeth in one day through an all-on-four procedure. During this procedure individuals have all remaining loose, unsightly and decayed teeth removed and dental implants placed in various locations in the jaw. Typically, 4 implants are all that are needed to support a full arch solid set of teeth that are fixed in place. This allows the individual to never have to go without teeth and not have to deal with an uncomfortable removable denture after surgery. These recent dental technological advances allow individuals that have, heretofore, had very little to no bone support for a traditional removable denture, the ability to enjoy this life changing procedure. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation and enjoy eating, smiling and talking with Solid Teeth in ONE day.

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